Friday, February 14, 2014

Lyrics Spotlight - "When You're Alone"

"I knew some day your runnin' would be through
And you'd think back on me and you
And your love would be strong
You'd forget all about the bad and think only of all the laughs that we had
And you'd wanna come home
Now it ain't hard feelings or nothin' sugar
That ain't what's got me singing this song
It's just nobody knows honey where love goes
But when it goes it's gone gone gone

When you're alone you're alone
When you're alone you're alone
When you're alone you're alone
When you're alone you ain't nothing but alone"

Happy Valentine's Day!  I know this isn't so much a spotlight, as it is a full verse spotlight, but I really wanted to include the entire thing and it's my post so I'm doing it!

I love that we run the gamut here at LOS.  Steve is happily married to his beautiful college sweetheart and expecting a child in a few months.  Rory is in a commited relationship and living with a wonderful girl he met post-graduation.  And me?  Well, I live the rugged bachelor life and couldn't be happier about it.  Now, on to the day at hand.  You're either with someone you love or you are not.  And if you're with someone you love, cheers!  Stop reading this blog right now and go do something special with them.  I promise, we will still be here tomorrow.

However if you're alone today, it's only natural to do a little soul searching.  And you'll think of a certain person, and realize "Ah, you know what?  They weren't that bad... I don't even know why we broke up.  Come to think of it, things were pretty great!"  DON'T DO IT!  I promise you, even if it's not immediately apparent, it ended for a reason.  The temptation is strong, I know, believe me I've done it too many times.  Rory suggests immediately deleting the phone number of a significant other when things end, to avoid embarrassment, and he's probably right.

Listening to this song the other day made me think of all the awful, half-assed attempts I made to rekindle flames that weren't lighting in the first place, only for me to end the night asking myself "What in God's name am I doing?"  It's not worth it.  I couldn't be happier for my best buddies Steve and Rory for finding their loves.  But if you're like me and you are single today, don't feel the pressure, don't call up exes, just enjoy being alone!  And I mean that in the best way possible.

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