Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lost Boys - Affection

I first heard this song in an episode of The Sopranos (hands down, the greatest TV drama of all time in my opinion).  In the episode, Tony's mistress is searching the radio for a song to do a seductive strip tease to and comes across this song.  She asks Tony "What do you think of of him?", to which Tony replies "Eh, he's alright."  Of course, this is a wink to Van Zandt's role as Silvio Dante on the show.

I love this song; it's got a total old-school, classic rock sound while still being totally identifiable with the E Street sound.  The beginning has a very Tom Petty-ish sound and it keeps going even when Van Zandt's unique vocals kick in.  I've really come to respect Van Zandt's musicianship and singing the more I learn about which songs he had the most influence on.  See Disc 2 of Tracks and The Promise for some of his best work.

Unfortunately this song was never officially released, as The Lost Boys have never released their album.  The song did find a home on a compilation of songs heard on The Sopranos entitled Peppers and Eggs.  If this is only a sample of what they are capable of, I would love to hear some of their other work.

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