Friday, March 14, 2014

7Lions - "Born 2 Run"

Disclaimer: This video has nothing to do with the Bruce song, and is only serving as fodder for me to go off on a rant.

So I first noticed this song in 2012 when the LA Kings were in the Stanley Cup against my beloved New Jersey Devils.  Whoever won or lost that year is irrelevant (Hint: the Devils did not win), but whenever the games were being played in LA, I noticed this annoying song playing in the background.  It stunk.  I didn't think much of it, cursed the Kings for winning The Cup, and went about my day.

Then about a year later, I noticed that the new theme song to the World Wrestling Entertainment show, WWE Smackdown! sounded familiar.  After a few listens, I soon realized it was the same annoying song from the Kings Stanley Cup run.  Now I had to find out what this song is.  Sure enough, the song was called "Born 2 Run" by 7Lions.  After a little research I learned that the song has also been used by the NFL, MLB and NASCAR.  So good for them for getting their song out there.

But seriously?  Naming your song after one of the most iconic rock songs is so bush league.  It's not like they named it "Yesterday" or "Satisfaction", which I would give them a pass.  Hell, even "Born In The USA", would be fine because it's such a generic term.  But what does it even mean to be "Born To Run"?  You know it will never be as big as the original song, so why would you always want to be "the other Born 2 Run".  Clearly they knew what they were doing, and my guess is that in this age of one button purchases of music on phones and tablets, they hoped to make money off people buying their song by accident.  Like the time I accidentally played a song called "Guns N' Roses" on a jukebox, when I wanted to play music by the iconic rock band.

And when all is said and done, when I'm alone in my apartment  I find myself humming both this and the Guns N' Roses song to myself.  Damn their catchy choruses!

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