Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bruce covers Van Halen

Yep, it's another cover that I wouldn't have suspected in a million years.  This past weekend, as part of the NCAA Final Four celebration, Bruce played a full concert in Dallas, kicking it off by covering Van Halen's "Jump".  Now, I love Van Halen, but this is just getting crazy.  What does Van Halen have to do with Dallas or the NCAA tournament?  Yeah, I know basketball players "jump".  But come on, he's really stretching on this one, even more than Rory did with his Springsteen songs for every NBA Team.  And the jump ball was pretty cheesy.  It reminded me a lot of Bruce's Super Bowl Half Time performance in 2009.  The music is great but bringing out a referree is not needed at all.

However, Rory and I will be at the Virginia Beach show on Saturday, and I can't wait to see what he busts out for that show.  God willing it will be more 80's metal.

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