Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"The Dark End Of The Street"

I'm not usually one for soul music but a few years ago I heard this song covered by The Allman Brothers.  I was barely familiar with the Percy Sledge version, but I gained a whole new respect for the song that night.  It was definitely the highlight of the concert for me, and I've listened to several different versions of the song on YouTube since that night.  So you can imagine my delight, when I recently discovered that Bruce covered this song in Europe last year.

Bruce doesn't really do the song justice unfortunately, and I'd love to see him right that wrong on this tour by doing a proper cover.  He does a great monologue in his preacher voice and gets the crowd into the song, but some of the intangible soul of the song is missing in Bruce's version unfortunately.  And, as with all artists who I've heard covered it, romanticizes infidelity and cheating on your significant other in a justifiable way that only music seems to be able to do.

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