Friday, May 23, 2014

Great Moments In Springsteen Comic Book History - Hawkeye #7

I've talked about before how rare it is to talk about comic books and Springsteen, but, time and time again, I have been able to unearth numerous examples of Springsteen's presence in sequential art.  Not so rare is finding the band Kiss in comic book form, although with their marketing you can pretty much find Kiss in any form.  However, it is extremely rare finding a moment where the worlds of Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, and comic books intersect.  Yet, that happened in Hawkeye, issue 7:

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As someone who grew up in New Jersey and currently lives in Brooklyn, I never got the sense of any rivalry between the state and the borough (in fact, many people rooting for the Brooklyn Nets still live in New Jersey).  However, I'm sure that even our local Kiss army member would agree that any Boss-bashing is grounds for expulsion.

That being said, I'd like to lay some praise on this current run of Hawkeye.  I've only recently discovered it, but have already become an addict.  With witty writing by Matt Fraction and dynamic art by David Aja, every issue is packed with strong characters, good humor, and explosive action.  It has enough nods to the past to satisfy long-time comic fans, but is streamlined enough to be perfect for new readers.  If you are a fan of the television show Archer, I'd highly recommend this book (I mean, read the excerpt above, and tell me you couldn't imagine H. Jon Benjamin saying all of Hawkeye's lines).  While the above scene is from an issue in volume 2, it is best to start with the first volume.

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