Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Song Spotlight- "Bobby Jean"

Key Live Performance

Taken from Bruce's iconic show at Hyde Park in 2012.  I've often said that "Bobby Jean" is Clarence Clemon's best solo, so it's ironic that I picked a performance without Clarence for the key performance.  I picked this one just because I love how into it the crowd gets with their choreographed wave side to side.  Jake Clemons does a great job honoring his uncle's legendary sax solo, and it shows just how beloved this song is.  More on that later.

Key Lyrics

"And I'm just calling one last time not to change your mind
But just to say 'I miss you, baby'.  Good luck, goodbye, Bobby Jean."

One of Springsteen's most iconic lines.  It's something every guy fantasizes about saying, to some girl.  It just sounds so cool, but no one could ever pull it off.  You'd sound like a total jackass if you did say it.  Don't believe me?  Ask Rory.  It's the basis for the entire movie High Fidelity.  Much like I said in my review of "Downbound Train", that very few guys wants to admit a girl broke his heart, and very few guys want to admit that there is a girl that immediately comes to mind when they hear this line.  It's what makes this album so special.  Bruce built his career by connecting with audience, but never more than he has with this album.  And perhaps, never more than with this lyric.


Shockingly, this was not one of the seven singles from this album.  I say shockingly, because when Bruce plays this live it's one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of the night.  It's the only song Bruce sings with it's own signature dance move.  I don't know when it started as it's not seen in any of the 80's performances, the song was mostly ignored during 90's when Bruce was away from the E Street Band, but when Bruce and the E Street Band reunited everyone just seemed to do it.  Like Rory said about "No Surrender", the fact that this song wasn't a huge single is a blessing.  It's not overplayed, and it keeps the songs special.

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