Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Song Spotlight - "Dancing In The Dark"

Key Live Performance

While there was certainly no shortage of live performances to choose from, it's been a staple of every live show since 1984, I was strongly tempted to just pick the music video.  It's not only Bruce's most iconic music video, it's one of the most iconic music videos ever.  But in the end I decided to pick a live performance because really no other shows how fun a Bruce concert can be.  All the house lights come up, and the crowd dances while singing along with every word.

Key Lyrics

"They say ya gotta stay hungry.  Hey baby, I'm just about starving tonight!"

When I wrote about John Legend's cover of this song, I pointed out how changing it from a synthesized pop song to a piano ballad put the attention on the lyrics.  And the lyrics to this song, aren't as happy as the music would have you believe.  They speak of a sad, and desperate man.  That said, no matter what version of the song is played, the lyrics are the strongest part of the song.


Much like the other six singles from this album, "Dancing In The Dark", is a staple of 80's pop and rock music.  It's Bruce's biggest single, and probably his most recognizable song.  Instinct says to go with "Born To Run" or "Born In The USA", but that music video might just nudge this song ahead.  His dance with Courtney Cox is what turned Bruce Springsteen from rock star into cross-over, pop culture icon.  Thank God he went with that version of the song instead of the original version of the video.

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