Friday, August 1, 2014

Great Moments In Springsteen Television History - Regular Show, "Guitar of Rock"

Regular Show S5 E23 - Guitar of Rock by RegularTV

I hesitate to call this a "Great Moment", since I didn't particularly enjoy this cartoon.  However, it does feature a Springsteen-esque character, therefore rightfully earning the "Great Moment" title.

The above cartoon is Regular Show, a cartoon aimed at kids that has a strong adult following.  I haven't watched an episode before, but from what I can tell it follows the zany adventures of a blue jay, a raccoon, and a gumball machine.  In this episode, we find out that the gumball machine is a fan of Bruce Rock, an aging rock-star.  The gumball machine breaks a valuable guitar signed by Mr. Rock himself, and the three amigos go on a quest to get his autograph on a replacement guitar.  What happens next?  Well, you'll just have to watch the video to find out!

Now, given that this was my first experience watching Regular Show, I don't want to judge it too harshly.  There may be character-based humor that I was missing, and this episode did satisfy fans of the show (receiving an A- grade from the AV Club).  As a 29-year-old man, I do realize that I am not the target audience.  However, there wasn't much here that would hook me to go back and watch more episodes.

The reason I tuned into this episode was to see another (hopefully) humorous take on the Boss.  I don't have a particularly high standard of Boss-related humor, either - something as simple as Brick Springhorn singing "Born To Ride" will satisfy me.  However, Bruce Rock here is only the barest bones of a Springsteen-parody.  The cartoon does hit a couple things square on the head: he's got the look, he's always on tour, and he's got a healthy dedication to his fans.  However, past that, there's not much else here besides old person jokes.  Perhaps I'm biased, but out of all the 60+ rock-stars, you'd be hard-pressed to find another as "with it" as Springsteen.  There are other things I could pick nits over (such as the look of his guitar), but overall I get the impression that they just picked a random rock-star.  The best parody, I believe, comes from passion towards the subject being mocked, and I don't quite get that feeling from this episode.

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