Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coming Soon: Outlaw Pete, in Children's Book Form

In case you missed the news, it was announced the other week that Bruce Springsteen will be adding another title to his resume: children's author. This joins his recent foray into filmmaking with the short for "Hunter of Invisible Game."

The book is due November 4 (can you already imagine it wrapped under your Christmas tree?) and is an adaptation of the song "Outlaw Pete" from Working on a Dream. Based on the description, I'm not sure if there is any new writing by The Boss, but the song does seem like a natural fit for an illustrated accompaniment. The publisher also refers to it as a picture book for adults, but that's presumably to get around some of the criminal behavior described in the song. Either way, I'll definitely be picking up a copy - and pending final screening - reading it to my son regularly.

Click here to pre-order a copy on Amazon.

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