Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cover Spotlight - "Take 'Em As They Come" by Jimmy Eat World

Earlier this month, I saw the Gaslight Anthem play their largest show in New Jersey at the PNC Art Center (you can see my excitement in the comments section of this post).  While the Gaslight Anthem delivered a fantastic performance to a packed crowd, I was very impressed by their opening act, Jimmy Eat World.  While their star has faded over the last decade, they cranked out a tight set of solid rock songs - there wasn't a "slow or new song that let's people go to the bathroom" moment during the hour or so they played.

While the Gaslight Anthem's connections to Springsteen are very solidly drawn (lead singer Brian Fallon admitted to having a photo of Springsteen in his dressing room, leading to cheers of "Bruuuuuuce" from the crowd), you will have to dig deeper to find the link between Jimmy Eat World and the Boss.  And, here it is: a cover song (released only as an iTunes exclusive) of a song released only on a B-sides and rarities collection.  It's a fun and faithful rendition of "Take 'Em As They Come" that emphasizes the strongest parts of the song: the immediate opening, the frantic energy, and the catchy chorus.

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