Friday, September 12, 2014

Song Spotlight: “Old Haunts” by The Gaslight Anthem

When a band name checks Bruce Springsteen twice in one song (“Meet Me by the River’s Edge”), it’s no secret that they are heavily under the influence of The Boss. So it won’t come as a surprise to anyone with a passing interest in the The Gaslight Anthem to see them featured on a Springsteen blog.

In comparison to Bruce, I’d say these NJ-based rockers are more interested in capturing a mood and emotion than they are in telling vivid stories with characters and plot turns (especially their two most recent albums).

While you can probably pick out any one of their songs and find a connection to Springsteen – not a bad thing! – I wanted to shine a spotlight on the song “Old Haunts” from their 2010 album American Slang. I see this song as their rendition on “Glory Days.”

So don't sing me your songs about the good times
Those days are gone and you should just let them go
And god help the man who says "If you'd have known me when..."
Old haunts are for forgotten ghosts

Much like “Glory Days”, this song is about looking to the past when you should be looking to the future. While “Glory Days” is a bit more wistful, “Old Haunts” cuts to the bone.

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