Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trivia Time! Springsteen or Taylor Swift?

In honor of Taylor Swift's new album, the good folks at NJ.com have put together quite the quiz.  Can you identify, through a small lyrical excerpt, which songs are by Bruce Springsteen, and which songs are by Taylor Swift?  I must confess that I only scored a 9/10, erring on the side of thinking a Taylor Swift song was a Bruce Springsteen song.  To compare scores, fellow Legends of Springsteen writer OB scored a perfect 10/10, while my girlfriend managed a respectable 6/10.  A word of advice for all Springsteen fans: don't overthink it.  The lyrics quoted are not particularly obscure, so if you can't immediately identify it, it is probably belongs to Taylor Swift.  Good luck!

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