Friday, November 7, 2014

Video Spotlight: "The River" - Passenger

Passenger had his big break last year when his song "Let Her Go" was used in the insanely popular Budweiser commercial "Best Buds".  I've listened to that album a few times and he's quite a talented singer and songwriter.  So it's no shock at all to figure out that he's a Bruce fan and covered one of his greatest songs.  I haven't heard much from him since that commercial, although admittedly I know so little about current pop music, he could be the most popular musician out there and I would have no idea.

"The River" is one of my top five favorite Springsteen songs of all time.  For awhile it was my favorite, and every now and then I still consider it my favorite, depending on my mood.  It's a perfect song for an acoustic guitar, that really sets the tone for it's somber lyrics.  One quick search of YouTube confirms that by the sheer number of videos on there.  Although Passenger's version is clearly the best cover I have heard of "The River".  Enjoy!

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