Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Counting On A Package Deal, Part 2 - The Wild, The Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle

Welcome to the second installment of Counting On A Package Deal.  If you missed part one, never fear - somehow, it is still online!  Here, we tackle Bruce's second album, The Wild, the Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle.

Released just eight months after Greetings, the packaging here differs quite starkly when compared to its predecessor.  In fact, stark is almost all you need to say about The Wild's  packaging.  The cover is straight to the point: HERE'S BRUCE.  There's no fold out gimmicks, just total Bruce Springsteen.  The back cover is just as simple:

While Greetings was jammed full of lyrics on the back cover, this just simply shows the long hair and bare chests of the E Street Band.  Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez is the star of this photo, and people new to the E Street Band would assume he was Bruce Springsteen due to his prominent placement here.

Continuing in the simplicity, I cannot find any sleeve associated with this album, so I'm assuming it came in plain, white paper (please correct me if I'm wrong - I'm a horrible researcher).  There are no lyrics printed anywhere here, sentencing fans to have to listen to "Rosalita" over and over again to get the words right (well, there are worse ways to spend one's time).

So there you have it - from a fold out cover and tons of lyrics to Big Faced Bruce and the Chesty E Street Band.  Oh, and remember how I said all the records look the same?  Well, I wasn't lying:

That's Greetings on the left and Wild on the right.  Or maybe it's Wild on the left and Greetings on the right?  I'm starting to see why we left these frustrating old things in the dust 30 years ago.

Want a copy to call your own?  Purchase it here!

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