Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Moments In Springsteen Unexpected DVD Inserts History - The Simpsons Season 9 DVD Set

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this post will dive into the oft-discussed topic of DVD inserts.  You see, the other day, I was in a Simpsons-watching mood.  So, I pulled out The Simpsons season nine DVD box set.

While many Simpsons purists will say that this season is where the series started to show its cracks, I feel there are many essential episodes in here, such as "Lisa's Sax", "Lisa the Simpson", and "The Joy of Sect".  But, that's a topic for LegendsOfSimpsons.com. 

Since season six, the Simpsons' DVDs have been "themed", where the DVD package, discs, and menu screens are all tied together.  For season nine, they went with a musical theme.  And, to tie in with this theme, they included five postcards:

Apparently, these postcards were reprints of a series of November 2002 Rolling Stone covers.  Each cover parodies a famous album, but you can see which one immediately caught my eye:

Yup, it's Homer doing his best Springsteen impression.

And, um, that's it, I guess.  I mean, what more do you want me to say?  The Simpsons parodied the Born In The USA cover.

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