Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exclusive: Living Proof Shampoo!

It was a morning like any other.  I groggily arose from bed and stumbled into the shower.  As the warm streams of water washed the sleep from my eyes, I was greeted by a completely unexpected Springsteen reference.  My girlfriend, unbeknownst to me, had acquired Living Proof shampoo!  Being as this is Women's History Month, I sat down with my girlfriend to get the full story behind Living Proof shampoo.  Here's the exclusive interview:

LOS: How is your experience with Living Proof shampoo?

GF: It makes my hair feel clean, and it smells good.

LOS: How do you think the shampoo relates to the Springsteen song, "Living Proof" from the album Lucky Town?

GF: Well, the shampoo and the song have the same name.  Also, I think Bruce has sexy hair, so I thought maybe this hair care product would make me as sexy as him.

LOS: In "Living Proof", Bruce sings, "I put my heart and soul, I put 'em high upon a shelf, right next to the faith, the faith that I'd lost in myself."  How has this influenced your choice in placing the shampoo on the shower caddy?

GF: It actually made me want to put it on your section of the shelf, but since I am an only child I want to keep it on my shelf.  However, I did make sure that it was prominently displayed.

LOS: Are there any other Springsteen shampoos you would be interested in trying?

GF: I think "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" could be a good one.  It could make your head cold in the summer.

LOS: Or maybe they could call it "Tenth Avenue Frizz Out"!

GF: No.

This concludes are exclusive deep-dive into the Living Proof shampoo.  There are, apparently, dozens of Living Proof beauty products, so perhaps there is more to explore.  Now, I ask you, the reader: what other Springsteen-related beauty products have you come across in your life?  Which ones would you love to see?  Let us know in the comments!

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