Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Song Spotlight - "Bullets Fever" by Nils Lofgren

As documented many times in the past, I am a huge NBA fan.  We're at the half-way point of the NBA Playoffs, and my beloved team, the Brooklyn Nets, are long gone.  Now, I am going through the process every fan of a loser has to go through at one point - the playoff team adoption.  There are many factors to consider when adopting a playoff team that is not your own.  Do they have a rivalry with your team?  Are there any players on the team that used to play for your team?  Is your adopted team too popular?  It is not a task to be taken lightly.

This year, the Washington Wizards present a strong case.  First, you've got former Nets Paul Pierce and Kris Humphries.  Then, you've got a team that hasn't won a lot of championships.  Finally, you've got this rocking song by Nils Lofgren!  If there's anything wrong with music in this day and age, it's clearly the lack of novelty songs about sports teams.  However, there is something wrong karma-wise with adopting a team in your own conference, and, unfortunately, they are named the Wizards.  

Therefore, I will be hitching my wagon to the Memphis Grizzlies.  They satisfy the "former Nets" requirement (the beloved Vince Carter and the forgettable Courtney Lee), as well as the "not winning a lot" requirement.  While they don't have any songs about them (yet), I'll pretend "Walking in Memphis" is about them.  Plus, Marc Cohn kinda sounds like Bruce Springsteen.

Thank you for continuing to read this blog.

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