Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Song Spotlight - "Night"

Key Live Performance:

Taken from the The Today Show when Bruce and The E Street Band played on the release day of Magic.  They played a bunch of their classics, like "Night", as well as songs songs from the excellent Magic album.  After the monster success of The Rising, Bruce threw his fans for a loop by putting out Devils and Dust and The Seeger Sessions.  Both great albums, but us fans were dying for some E Steet!   Magic and, in particular, this performance was Bruce and The E Street Band's triumphant return to prove that The Rising wasn't just a fluke.  They were back, and they were back to rock.  "Night" was a perfect choice.  It's by far the most upbeat rock song on Born To Run, even more so than the titular song.  Unfortunately though, I don't think any live performance has come off as great as the album version, which is insanely rare for Bruce.

Key Lyrics: 

"And the world is busting at its seams
And the you're just a prisoner of your dreams
Holding on for your life, 'cause you work all day
to blow 'em away at night."

While Bruce writing songs about blue collar values, fast cars, and overly romantic notions towards women may seem like old hat now, in 1975 it wasn't as much a staple on his first two albums.  He would certainly do it on other songs on this album, and really follow up on those themes on future albums.  I mean just reading these lyrics without knowing anything else about the song or album and it's still pretty easy to identify as Springsteen's lyrical work.  The song is filled with lyrics like the one above, that really any of them could have been used for the "Key Lyrics", but there's something about that particular line that really stands out to me and made me pick it.


I love this song.  I love this album.  I put this song on my Bruce For Beginners playlist.  Like I said, this is one of the rare occasions where the studio version surpasses the live versions.  It's impossible not to hear that opening drum, Clarence's signature sax sound, and Bruce's lyrics and not get yourself all pumped up for your next big night out.

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