Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bruce on Saturday Night Live, 12/19/15

As twenty-firstly reported on Legends of Springsteen, Bruce played on Saturday Night Live last night.  Continuing the promotion for The Ties That Bind, Bruce played "Meet Me In The City" and "The Ties That Bind".

Saturday Night Live is a notoriously poor place to perform, and Bruce did his best.  While it was interesting to see the "stripped-down" band (if you can call 5 guitarists, a bassist, two keyboardists, a sax and a drummer "stripped-down), I felt that the keyboard was too high in the mix, and you could tell Bruce was missing the front-row of fans to play off of.  However, Bruce wasn't done with the night:

Instead of saying their regular goodbyes, Bruce joined the SNL cast to sing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", with a little help from Sir Paul McCartney!  It was a great treat for people who were lucky enough to stay up to 1AM, or, if you were a tired blogger, a delightful surprise to view on YouTube early the next morning.

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