Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Great Moments in Springsteen Cinema History: Home Alone

Want to feel old?  Well, this year, Home Alone turned 25 years old!  (As a personal aside, this is the first live-action movie I remember seeing in the theaters.)  So, if you choose to re-watch it this year, keep an eye out, for there is a fleeting great moment in Springsteen cinema history!

It takes place right after Kevin McCallister has made his family disappear.  He runs around screaming, starts going through his family's personal objects, and, of course, watches Angels With Filthy Souls.

But, what else could Kevin have watched?  Take a look:

A Bruce Springsteen video anthology!  My research shows that it is, specifically, this anthology collecting videos from 1978 to 1988.  The track listing is heavy on the then newly-released Tunnel of Love album and the big hits from Born In The USA.  Still, clocking in at 100 minutes, I imagine that, after getting scared from Angels With Filthy Souls, he may have turned to Springsteen to calm him down.  Perhaps, in a deleted scene, he played a prank on an unsuspecting delivery man using expertly-timed clips from Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" video.  The world may never know (well, the world does know, but let your imagination run wild).

Interested in decorating your house like the McCallisters?  The VHS is available for $0.95 on Amazon, or you can be a big spender and get the DVD.

And yes, I'm aware there's also a Rolling Stones tape there, but I'll let the good people at Legends Of Jagger cover that.

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