Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bruce Vs. Bruce - Springsteen versus the Bruce in "Don't Bring Me Down"!

Has it really been over a year since our last "Bruce Vs. Bruce" battle?  Well, let's start 2016 off right with perhaps Bruce's toughest opponent yet!  Yes, I speak of the Bruce referred to in the refrain for Electric Light Orchestra's 1979 hit "Don't Bring Me Down".  Let's see how our champion fare against this mysterious challenger.

The Bruce From "Don't Bring Me Down"
Bruce Springsteen
Are They Actually Called Bruce?
Advantage: Springsteen

But What Is It Commonly Misheard As?
Advantage: ELO

First Release
Advantage: Springsteen

Last Release
Advantage: Springsteen

Musical Pitch
Very High
Very Low
Advantage: ELO

Hit Songs
Just one
Advantage: Springsteen

Relationship to "Down"
Not Bringing You
Advantage: ELO

E-Related Band
Electric Light Orchestra
E Street Band
Advantage: Springsteen

Ding ding ding! The winner, in a 5-3 match, is Bruce Springsteen.  It just goes to show: being a real person named Bruce is much better than being a song lyric that sounds like "Bruce" but actually is just some weirdo German word.

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