Friday, January 22, 2016

David Bowie Impersonates Springsteen!....And others!

Despite the new spat of Springsteen shows, I still can't shake the post-Bowie mourning I am going through.  It seems that every day there's something new about Bowie, whether it is a tribute by another artist, a retrospective article, or, in this case, a rare audio clip.  Here, Bowie is messing around, singing in the style of many different musicians.  His Springsteen is in the first 48 seconds of the clip, and it seems that even Bowie can't get his voice to go as low and gravely as Bruce's.  Bowie also goofs on Tom Waits, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop, among others.  However, the thing I enjoyed most about these clips were the small moments in between the impressions, as you could hear Bowie just talking and laughing, with his persona completely "off".  I'll say it before, and I'll say it again (because I have no idea how to end the post), but thank you Bowie!

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