Saturday, March 19, 2016

Concert Review: 3/17/2016, Los Angeles Sports Arena

Two years ago, Mama Toohey made her blogging debut with this ebullient review of Springsteen's Nashville concert.  Now, she's in Los Angeles, taking in Bruce on his latest tour.  Let's see what she thought!

I know a pretty little place in Southern California where a Jerseyan can get Bruce tickets....

I had to travel to the west coast to catch the River tour since the Jersey and New York tickets magically disappeared in 20 seconds (Editor's Note: One of the Legends of Springsteen writers did manage to get to the show in New Jersey - check out his review when you are done with this one!)

But it was well worth the plane ticket.  Bruce did not disappoint.  But, let me back up and set the stage.  When I was bragging to the clerk at a Los Angeles Starbucks that I was seeing Bruce, she just looked at me with a vague stare!  Then I said "Springsteen", and understanding came into her eyes.  Alas, Jerseyans pump their own gas and know who exactly who "Bruce" is.

Back to the concert review: It rates in my top three of all time.  Bruce has more energy than possible!  I will admit that The River is not my favorite album - I am a classic Born To Run fan. But, when Bruce crowd-surfed to "Hungry Heart", I was sold.

Throughout the show, Bruce shared his thoughts behind the development of The River album, discussing about his time of maturity, his emotional connection, and creating a fun and live flow.

Some of The River brings a quiet introspection to the crowd, but when he closed the album and burst into "Badland, the arena went wild.  Out came the hits: "The Promised Land", "Rosalita", and, yes, "Born To Run".

Our group also included a Bruce virgin.  Our friend Mallory, a Texas country music fan, was seeing Bruce for the first time.  "Hungry Heart" was her favorite, as was "Shout", which closed the concert.

All-in-all, I am ready for the next show.  See you in April when Bruce returns to New York!

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