Saturday, April 23, 2016

Prince Talks Bruce Springsteen

In this short clip, the late great Prince talks about how Springsteen inspired him as a band leader, talking about how he rehearsed and trained his band to improvise while in concert.  It also should be noted that Springsteen has often talked about Prince, too, telling the story of how "When Doves Cry" kept "Dancing In The Dark" out of the top spot on the chart, denying Bruce his only chance at a number one song.  It is not a bitter story, and you can tell that both musicians respected and inspired each other.  I would not be surprised if Bruce had a tribute to Prince in his live show tonight.

I am not personally a huge Prince fan (not that I dislike his stuff, I just never really listened to his songs outside of the major hits), but he was an amazing performer.  While 2016 seems to be sparing no celebrity, this was a bit more shocking, as he did not appear old or slowing down in anyway.  My condolences go out to his family and his fans.

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  1. I was and still am a huge Springsteen fan , I was 14 when the album Born In The USA was released , I had been a music fan for 3 or 4 years and liked many artist such as The Police, The Cars , Def Leopard , and what was considered" classic rock " back then .. But , living in Florida Springsteen wasn't really played , I do remember' Hungry Heart ' and I liked it but , had no idea who sang it but, when I first heard ' Dancing In The Dark ' I knew I found my Hero and had no doubt once I bought the album !( still one of the greatest moments in my life.. But, in a way it stopped me from admitting other music was good.. It was all Bruce and I'd listen to the radio , really just waiting to hear a song I already had.. I did like Prince when I'd see him on MTV in 82 or 83 ( 1999 and Little Red Corvette ).. But, Purple Rain was Huge !.. Maybe more so the Born In The USA .. So to me , it was War !.. I would never admit it then but,' When Doves Cry ' came out , deep down I knew this guy had amazing talent.. I eventually bought the cassette and came to peace that Prince was a good contender .. As years went by I slowly let my mind take in and enjoy other music.. And I came to believe that Prince may be the most talented music artist EVER !.. I mean I like Springsteen's catalog better and I did and still believe him to be the Greatest live performer of all time , not the greatest writer ( Bob Dylan) but, close and by no means the greatest voice ( that's a tough one .. Roy Orbison, Freddie Mercury ) but, his voice fit his music and to me he was my Idol.. Plain and simple , I may not be here if it weren't for Springsteen.. Back to Prince , the guy could write a song every day , he was an excellent performer who gave his all and one of the greatest guitarist of all time.. I came to appreciate Prince and what he stood for , he was never a " sellout " he didn't record only radio friendly music , Springsteen and him had a similar path and were both derailed by horrible contracts.. I will not even argue with any idiot that would make a comment that Prince or Springsteen suck and have no talent , Im ok to with " I can't stand his music " but, to say " no talent " I know I'm wasting time arguing with an idiot.. There ate a lot of musicians that I don't care for but, realize they are very talented.. Back to Prince , what a shock it was to lose him , I still think of that ultra cool dude on that motorcycle and the attitude " I'm the baddest fucker around . I'm the King Of Funk !.. I just couldn't believe he was gone and Bruce did of course pay his tribute and did a real heart felt tribute , he did not have the voice Prince had but, he sure gave me goose bumps.. There were many tributes on YouTube but, Bruce gave the most honest performance, you can hear the pain of losing a true friend.. Way too early.. What a horrible year it was David Bowie was very hard on me but, losing Prince was like losing a great part of my past and to go out the way he did made it even harder.. I'm so angry .. He should be here still !.. And no one should judge him , they have no idea as to what led him down that horrible road ! ( I've been down it myself and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.. It is a lonely , scary , life controlling nightmare ).. I'm just lucky I was there to experience him and bruce i their prime.. There will never be a time in music like it !! R.I.Pest in peace Your Purple Majesty !!