Friday, April 1, 2016

Song Spotlight - "Bruce" by Rick Springfield

Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman.  Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.  Ketchup and catsup.  Mistaken identity is a common problem in society.  Heck, even I, Rory Toohey, have been mistaken for the Rutti Tutti Fresh and Fruity meal at IHOP.  Rick Springfield knows this feeling well, and took his frustration out in his 1980 novelty song "Bruce".  There's no subtlety or metaphor here, as aside from the name "Bruce", there's also references to Springsteen's Time Magazine cover and Born To Run.  Even poor Rick's mom isn't immune from the mix-up.  It's a funny (and catchy) anthem for all of those who have been misidentified in their lives.  Thanks, Bruce I mean, Rick!

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