Tuesday, May 24, 2016

100 Seconds Of Bruce Counting

This is why the internet is beautiful.  Recently, a dedicated fan compiled all of Bruce's count-ins for all his official releases (studio and live albums).  Loyal readers know that I have long been obsessed with Bruce's count-ins, so this was a treat.  It's also presents an interesting challenge to see if you can recognize the song about to be played.  By the time this gets posted, you can rest assured that I have listened to this video ah-one, ah-two, ah-one two three four (or more) times.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Great Moments In Springsteen Cinema History: Money Monster Trailer

Money Monster, the Wall Street hostage thriller, is hitting theaters this Friday.  While the movie is looking to sell itself with a topical story and high profile actors, it is the song in the trailer that really caught me.  About halfway in, after the characters and plot have been established, we hear the familiar strums of Springsteen's "Devils & Dust".  While "Devils & Dust" isn't frequently discussed among Springsteen fans, I did note in an ancient post that it is one of the few modern protest songs that has held up well.  While originally about the Iraq war, it seems to fit right in with the common man's anger towards the financial sector.

No word as of yet if this is just a song for the trailer, or if it will highlight a particular scene in the movie.  If you see it, let us know!

Monday, May 9, 2016

OFFICIAL - River Tour Extension

As reported this weekend, the River Tour will be expanding with eight new dates in North America.  Tickets will go on sale for certain shows as early as Friday!  I know dealing with Ticketmaster is a horrific struggle, so I wish all fans the best of luck in the next coming days.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rumor Alert - River Tour Extension!

According to the good folks at Blog It All Night, Bruce should be announcing some new dates next week:

It is just a rumor right now, and I am assuming that these shows will not feature full performances of The River (he made a note of that in the last Brooklyn show).  I had many difficulties in getting tickets for the prior dates, and so I don't want to count my chickens.  But, it is exciting news!