Friday, July 1, 2016

Bruce Vs. Bruce - Springsteen versus Bruce, the shark from Jaws

We here at Legends of Springsteen hope you are all having a great summer so far.  Personally, I think summer is the best season for Springsteen music.  His songs are the perfect soundtrack for a backyard barbecue.

For this fourth of July weekend, we bring you another installment of "Bruce Versus Bruce"!  Did you know that the mechanical shark from Jaws was named "Bruce"?  Well, now you know!  And do you know what would happen in a fictitious match-up between Springsteen the shark-Bruce?  Well, let's find out!

Smile you son of a bitch!

Bruce the Shark
Bruce Springsteen
Amity Island
Freehold, New Jersey
Advantage: Springsteen
Hang Out Spot
The Ocean
The Boardwalk
Advantage: Springsteen
Relationship With Fish
Eats Them
Duets With Them
Advantage: Shark
Steven Spielberg
He's His Own Boss
Advantage: Springsteen
Soundtrack Created By
John Williams
Bruce Springsteen
Advantage: Springsteen
Critically Acclaimed
Advantage: Springsteen
Acadmey Awards
Advantage: Shark
Main Goal
Eating Swimmers
Rocking For The Working Man
Advantage: Springsteen
Ability to Live On Land
Advantage: Springsteen

Well, in a 7-2 beat-down, Springsteen wins again!  Sorry, Shark-Bruce, perhaps you have to set your sights on a lower Bruce to devour.

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