Monday, July 25, 2016

Great Moments in Springsteen Snubs History - The "Share a Coke and a Song" Campaign

I am a man who loves a good Coca-Cola.  It's one of the few products for which I am highly brand loyal.  I especially love Coca-Cola's various marketing campaigns: it's the only drink I associate with both the summer and the winter.

This year, the company started a new gimmick: Share a Coke and a Song.  It's a disturbingly simple promotion: they put song lyrics on their bottles.  I feel like I'm missing something.

Needless to say, you can find many artists represented.  There's patriotic anthems, lyrics in Spanish, and references to Coca-Cola's own commercial jingles.  Springsteen disciples the Killers even get a shout-out.  But you know who is missing?  THE BOSS HIMSELF!

This is quite the egregious snub!  I mean, nothing says "summertime" quite like a ice-cold Coca-Cola with some Springsteen on the radio.  The two were meant to be together.  This oversight is almost enough to turn me into a Pepsi man!  Well, "almost".  Let's not go crazy.

Thanks for reading this rant.  I, too, am looking forward to Springsteen's tour coming back to the United States.

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