Friday, September 2, 2016

Springsteen Buttons!

Normally, I have mixed feelings about merchandise booths at concerts.  I would always love a souvenir to commemorate the experience, but everything is priced at roughly three times as much as I'd like to pay for it.  However, for the River tour, there's quite the variety for Springsteen fans of all budgets, from the normal t-shirts, to patches, to sunglasses, to water bottle holders, and to the buttons, pictured above.  Acquired by my mother-in-law (seeing her first ever Springsteen show), these buttons were divvied up among my family, with everyone seemingly getting their favorite choice.  Which one did I end up with?

Yes, I went with handsome young Bruce.  Pictured here about the same age I currently am, this is a button that separates the true Springsteen fans from the people who have to ask "hey, who's that guy on your button?"

While I still don't own a concert t-shirt, I can now add the button to my collection including Springsteen vinyls, Springsteen comic books, and Springsteen DVD inserts.

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