Monday, September 26, 2016

Springsteen on Colbert, September 23rd

As mentioned previously, Bruce's book tour is in full swing, with new interview galore.  Last Friday (Springsteen's 67th birthday), Bruce sat down with Stephen Colbert for an extensive interview:

Like a Springsteen concert, this interview went extremely long past its scheduled time.  It was interesting to hear Colbert interview him, as, unlike his counterpart Jon Stewart, Colbert isn't a fawning Springsteen fan.  He spends a lot of time studying Springsteen's words in his book, and tries to tie it to his own life.  Colbert is an outsider to the Springsteen phenomenon, and does his best to understand it.  There isn't much new here for the die-hard Springsteen fans, but we do get an top 5 (or 6) list of Springsteen's favorite songs.

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