Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Official Springsteen 2017 Wall Calendar!

The holidays have just passed, and I'm sure there are many among us who have received tons of Springsteen-related loot.  While there was no holiday gift guide this year, I'm sure a copy of Born To Run was under most Boss fans' trees.

I, however, received a different sort of stocking stuff: the OFFICIAL Bruce Springsteen 2017 wall calendar.  The front cover is stylized a la Born To Run, and contains dozens of high-quality Springsteen photos to cheer you up every month.

Here is the back, previewing the months ahead.  As a wall calendar aficionado, I'd say proper etiquette allows one brief look upon receipt of the gift, and then quickly looking away to maintain the surprise for the upcoming months.  So, here's your chance.  Soak it in! Now stop! 

It's traditional for the wall calendar to give you some leadway upon receipt, with a 16-month calendar being the standard.  However, like a Bruce concert, he'll always deliver more than you bargained for.  Springsteen's OFFICIAL calendar comes with a whopping 18 months, including two bonus Polaroids from his pre-E Street days.

So here's as far as I'll go right now, with Bruce's first image, a summer photo in Long Branch, NJ.  While it may be an inappropriate photo for the cold month of January, I have a feeling that the images will be more of a chronicle of his career, rather than timed to compliment the months.  I mean, I could scroll up and look at the photo spread earlier in the article, but that would be cheating!  Seriously, don't do it!

It fits in quite nicely at the workstation in my mancave.  Thanks for reading - I assure you  I didn't plan on writing 300 words on wall calendars today (shattering my previous record by 150!), but it is the holiday season.  If you received another cool Springsteen-related gift this holiday season, let me know in the comments!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Great Albums - Born In The USA Podcast

The Great Albums is a music podcast that has been running for a little under two years, and I've been a fan since close to the beginning.  It is run by two dudes in their early 30s from New Jersey, where their goal is to discuss music as fans would, rather than critics.  Sound familiar?  Having Born To Run as one of their earliest episodes also helped hook me.  Since then, I've tuned into nearly every episode.  Not only does it help me discover new music, but I find their analysis helps me articulate my own musical opinions better.

This month, they are celebrating "Massive Album November", tackling extremely popular albums by extremely popular artists - Madonna, Pink Floyd, The Who, and, now, Bruce.  If you've got two hours, check out their Born In The USA podcast, and, if you are jonesing for more, they have a bonus episode featuring "Streets of Philadelphia".

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Springsteen Honors - Cover of the Costco Connection!

As it has happened for the last several years, Springsteen puts together a promotional push every fall/winter.  In 2013, he was gearing up for High Hopes.  In 2014, he re-released seven albums.  Last year, it was the Ties That Bind box set.  Now, it has been all about the new autobiography (side note: I have recently gotten the book, and should have a review ready before the end of the year).  So, Springsteen is everywhere, from Colbert to book signings and now, to his latest feat, making the cover of the illustrious Costco Connection!  

Sure, any artist can get on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but how many artists can say they've been on the premier national magazine of big-box wholesalers? Scroll through the archives, and you'll find entrepreneurs, actors, national heroes, etc. but no musicians....until Bruce broke down that wall.

It is just a short two page interview with a couple of good photos, and has no other goal but to promote the book.  But still! It is quite the achievement, rivaling the Medal of Freedom he received earlier this month.  Plus, I also found a delicious recipe for salty chocolaty peanut buttery crunchy bars!

You can download the whole magazine for yourself here.