Friday, December 2, 2016

The Great Albums - Born In The USA Podcast

The Great Albums is a music podcast that has been running for a little under two years, and I've been a fan since close to the beginning.  It is run by two dudes in their early 30s from New Jersey, where their goal is to discuss music as fans would, rather than critics.  Sound familiar?  Having Born To Run as one of their earliest episodes also helped hook me.  Since then, I've tuned into nearly every episode.  Not only does it help me discover new music, but I find their analysis helps me articulate my own musical opinions better.

This month, they are celebrating "Massive Album November", tackling extremely popular albums by extremely popular artists - Madonna, Pink Floyd, The Who, and, now, Bruce.  If you've got two hours, check out their Born In The USA podcast, and, if you are jonesing for more, they have a bonus episode featuring "Streets of Philadelphia".

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