Thursday, June 1, 2017

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1

A few weeks ago, fellow Legends-of-Springsteener OB sent me the above list entitled the "30 Day Song Challenge".  Now, usually I don't go for these Internet shenanigans, as I'm a very private person (if you couldn't tell from me openly sharing every single thought I've had about Bruce Springsteen over the last 5 years).  I feel these lists are best left for the youth of today, who actually feel things like happiness and sadness when listening to songs and aren't emotionally dead inside.  However, OB proposed an interesting twist: do this list with only Bruce Springsteen songs.  Seeing as I've been light on material for this blog over the last couple years, I figured what the hell.  So, let's start things off with:

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

Like I said, maybe them kids can easily choose a favorite song, but not me.  Honestly, this isn't a true answer, as my top Springsteen song is constantly rotating.  Songs like "Thunder Road" and "Rosalita" have held the number one position for long stretches.  However, "Atlantic City" has consistently been in my top five for as long as I could remember.  So, given the consistency of my love for this song, I'll start the challenge with it.

Are you up for the challenge?  Leave your favorite song in the comments.

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