Friday, June 16, 2017

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 16

Today is another one of the "negative" days, where I have to talk about a song I used to love but now hate.  Again, a difficult challenge, as even as I start to fall "out of love" with a song for whatever reason (usually being overplayed), I still retain fond memories of that initial attraction, and rarely go to hating it (with one major exception - Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'").  And, the fact that I hate so few Springsteen songs to begin with adds another layer to the challenge.  Therefore:

As I've referenced many time, Live in NYC was my true first introduction to Springsteen.  "Two Hearts" was the third track on the album, and therefore received a lot of plays (it was sandwiched between "Prove It All Night" and "Atlantic City", which is like being in the 8:30 slot between Friends and Seinfeld).  Being a new Springsteen fan, it was among the first Springsteen songs I fell in love with.  However, as I listened to more music, it was easy to see that this was one of the lesser hits.  I wouldn't say I hate it now, but I don't hold it in such high-esteem anymore, and rarely am I thinking "Man, I could really go for listening to 'Two Hearts'."

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