Saturday, June 17, 2017

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 17

Let's see - a song I hear too often on the radio?  This is another one of those "negative" days, so I'll spare you being negative about being negative (But seriously, who complains about hearing a song on the radio too much?  You can switch the channel!  And, come on, can we really have too much Bruce on the radio?)  Being in New Jersey, you'd think I hear a lot of Bruce on the classic rock stations, but somehow I end up hearing a ton of Billy Joel.  Have I written enough words to post the song yet?

I'll just go with this, as it is probably my least favorite of Springsteen's big hits.  Also, we are heading to peak summer, so I fully expect to hear this song on Q104.3 over...and over....and over....

Any Springsteen song that's a bit too radio friendly for your tastes?

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