Friday, June 2, 2017

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 2

As we enter the 30 Day Challenge's second day, we reach a very controversial topic: your least favorite song.  Now, I try to keep this blog positive and upbeat.  There's too much negativity on the Internet, so why bother doing the same thing everyone else is doing?  Plus, our wonderful world is full of diversity - songs you hate can be adored by other people, and vice versa.

But this song stinks.  Yes - I know this is just a throw-away B-side, but....why Bruce?  It's just three minutes of noise.

Bruce has his share of clunkers (especially in the last few albums), so my least favorite song may vary day-to-day, but I have no hesitation giving "A Night With The Jersey Devil" the honors in this challenge.

Want to rage impudently on a random Internet blog?  Share your least favorite Bruce song in the comments.

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