Monday, June 5, 2017

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 5

Here we are, five days in, covering the topic of a song that reminds you of someone.  As a person who knows some people, I found this actually to be easy.  There's a lot of people to choose from, like my mother (who helped get me into Springsteen), my fellow LOS writers (all huge Springsteen fans), etc.  And I may talk more about these people in future entries (stay tuned).  But, today I'll go with a song that helped someone get into Springsteen:

"I'm On Fire" is my wife's favorite song.  Before she met me, she had a general knowledge of Springsteen, knowing the big hits and radio staples.  So, as we began dating and she discovered my disturbing affinity for the Boss, I tried to make her a convert.  While she may never be the Springsteen crazy that I am, she instantly gravitated to "I'm On Fire", and it is clearly her favorite Springsteen song.  I always loved "I'm On Fire" too, but it is now closely associated with my lovely lady.

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