Friday, June 9, 2017

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 9

Day number 9 brings us an interesting question: what Bruce song can you dance to?  Well, there are plenty, but I'll tackle it as: what song can you dance to WELL?  Sure, you can hit the dance floor during many Bruce songs, but most of the time you'll look like a drunk wearing his shoes on the wrong feet.  So, how can you look impressive with Springsteen blaring through the speakers?  Bruce, fortunately, provided an easy answer:

Sure, it's corny, but it's a set of moves.  Everyone knows the "Dancing in the Dark" dance, and there's not much of a gap between the best "Dancing in the Dark" dancer in the world and the worst "Dancing in the Dark" dancer in the world.  Given the overwhelming Caucasian-ness of Springsteen fandom, this song is a welcome relief to those without rhythm and/or flow.

What are your favorite Springsteen songs to dance to?  Or, what are your go-to dance moves when Springsteen is on?

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