Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Great Moments in Springsteen Transportation History - The E Street Shuttle

Last weekend, I had the privilege of going to a lovely wedding in central NJ.  While I've recently moved to Bruce's old stomping ground, there's still plenty I have yet to experience in the 732 area code.  You can feel Bruce's influence throughout the area, from the music, to the style, to, apparently, the modes of transportation.

Yes, indeed, the shuttle that serviced us from the ceremony to the reception was none other than the E Street Shuttle.  This retro-style shuttle got us around Ocean Avenue in style.  It had an amazing sound system, complete with vintage record players (which I have to assume is for when the shuttle is stationery).  With cold beverages and comfortable seats, I'll have to keep this shuttle in mind for future events, such as a bachelor party, trip to Atlantic City, or going to the post office.  Seriously, I want to go on again.

Thanks for reading about a bus named after a Springsteen song.  I know it's just a bus named after a Springsteen song, but, you know, it's a bus named after a Springsteen song!

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