Friday, February 1, 2019

Super Bowl Picks

You know the deal.

OB: Rams 38, Patriots 31 (Overall 3-4)
Rory: Rams 35, Patriots 34 (Overall 3-4)
Steve: Patriots 45, Rams 38 (Overall 3-4)

Monday, December 31, 2018

Cover Spotlight - "Dancing in the Dark" by Hot Chip

As with Nathaniel Rateliff, here we have another one of my personal favorite musicians covering one of my all-time favorite musicians.  I'm not sure whether that means Springsteen is highly influential across multiple genres and generations, or that I don't have a very diverse musical taste.  Either way, enjoy a version of "Dancing in the Dark" that sounds even more 80s than the original 80s version (and stick around towards the end for a surprise song change).

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Cover Spotlight - "Atlantic City" by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

COVER ROOM - Nathaniel Rateliff and The Nightsweats - Atlantic City from Chris Tartaro on Vimeo.

While "Atlantic City" isn't Springsteen's most famous song, it remains extremely popular among fans and other fellow musicians.  Its stark, romantic imagery has led to several covers, including this quite recent version by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.  Rateliff's version does owe a lot to The Band's interpretation, but it is still a terrific performance.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Big Man's Brew!

So, there I was, just minding my own business at a local bar, when suddenly a great gust broke down the doors!  Something powerful had arrived, that would change my life forever.

Yes, friends, that Big Man's Brew, an officially licensed beer to honor Clarence Clemons.  Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a Sober September, so I didn't get to try it, but I can assure you it is the greatest beer ever made by humans.  Rest assured, once my sobriety is complete, getting my hands on this beer will be my number 1 priority.  But the rest of you drunks have no excuse - go out and get one for the Big Man today! 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Springsteen at the Tony Awards

We've been lazy here at Legends of Springsteen, and should have posted this video months ago.  But, better late than never.  Here's the man himself giving us all a glimpse of the magic of Springsteen on Broadway (coming soon to Netflix subscribers everywhere).  Springsteen on Broadway was a great night for me, and the memory of the show only grows fonder with time.  Whether you can see it live or streaming, the clip above proves that it is definitely worth watching.

Bruce received a special Tony award that night, putting him one Emmy away from EGOTing.  Which, at this point, isn't a given - hopefully he can figure out a way to get a writing credit on Succession.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Great Moment In Springsteen Comic Book History - Guardians of the Galaxy #148

It's been a while, but the worlds of Springsteen and comics have finally crossed over again!  Unlike previous entries, I have not read Guardians of the Galaxy #148, so I don't know exactly the context.  I assume Drax is picking up the sax, to try to emulate his hero Clarence Clemons.  However, while listening, he is overwhelmed by the emotion of the song, and cannot continue.  Listening to the Big Man is a heart-wrenching moment for this particular big man.

Well, at least that's what I think.  I guess I could look up what exactly was happening, but where's the fun in that? 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Indie Spotlight - Lowlight's Born To Run EP

Call me a sucker for a good album name, but I've been recently turned on to Lowlight's Born To Run EP.  Hailing from the great Garden State themselves, and frequent guests on the Great Albums podcast, the other Born To Run isn't full of bombastic rockers, but rather slow, emotional ballads that make it the perfect companion for a lonely night-time drive.  Should you feel so inclined to check out and support the local New Jersey indie music scene, you can check out Lowlight's music and merchandise on their Bandcamp page

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Great Moments in Springsteen Decor History - Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City

Earlier this month, I made a brief visit to the newly opened Hard Rock Casino in beautiful Atlantic City!  The place was very crowded, as it had only been open less than two weeks at the time, so I didn't stay very long.  You could spend all day combing the walls, which are adorned with various pieces of rock memorabilia like guitars and outfits.  However, the above mural took the cake.  Springsteen has previously been sneaky in his Atlantic City appearances, but there's no missing this masterpiece.

I'll have to go back soon to do a proper hunt for more Springsteen-ness within the Hard Rock Casino.  Seeing as fellow blog writer OB stayed on a Bon Jovi themed floor, I'm sure there's plenty more out there.